Altis Life Rules 4/7/19

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Altis Life Rules
Common Rules
1.0- No racism or harassment is tolerated

1.1- Hacking, Cheating or Exploiting glitches is not permitted

1.2- No use of external sources to gain an advantage over others (META-Gaming).

New Life Rule:
1.3- When and if you are killed in a roleplay sense you have forgotten your previous life

1.4- You must not return to the location where the situation has started until the situation that is occurring is ended and NLR last's for 7minutes and you must stay within a 2.5km radius away from the situation.

Fail RP:

1.5- Whilst on the server you must remain as your roleplay character

1.6- Disconnecting from the server while in a situation is prohibited this will be considered as combat logging which will result in a warning or a ban this includes leaving the server after you have died.

1.7- Fleeing to a safe zone once being declared upon is not permitted (can still be killed) and is FailRP

1.8- If you are killed do not leave the server until you respawn as this is considered combat logging

1.9- You must not use any methods such as killing yourself or aborting the server to avoid a situation this is also considered combat logging.

2.0- If a situation is unfolding that you are not a part of or not affiliated with the parties involved, you must not intentionally obstruct the situation (Trolling or being an ass).

Value Of Life (FearRP):

2.1- In all situations where your life is at risk you must value your life i.e ( Two or more people have a gun pointed at you, you must value your life). Same goes for cops trying to free the Hostage they must do all they can to get the hostage back safely.

Random Death Match (RDM):

2.2- Killing another player without a declaration is RDM.

2.3- EMS are passive and if killed this will be seen as RDM

2.4- If you are killed in a crossfire from a declaration this is not RDM

Vehicle Death Match (VDM):

2.5- Do not use vehicles to kill, damage or get an advantage on someone by injuring them this is VDM

2.6- Running someone over to evade a situation is not VDM unless you where not declared upon

2.7- Do not ram vehicles as they will result in an explosion the majority of the time

Safe Zones:

2.8- Hostile activities are not permitted in a safe zone this includes (Kidnapping, Restraining and Shooting)

2.9- If declared upon any Gang Member (Team Mate) that enters a safe zone the declaration is still valid regardless of whether they are in a safe zone or not

3.0- Stealing vehicles or other player items is prohibited while in the safe zone

3.1 - Cops and Rebels must not shoot Under any Circumstances into safezones or out of safezones unless someone runs into safezone after a declaration once the person has been killed safe zone is reinstated.



3.2- Declaring must be used at all time’s by text. Both civilians and rebels unless the player being robbed is directly in front the person robbing may use voice chat [10m] Radius.

3.3- Police declare by sirens and lights not yelp is not a declaration you must wait 3 minutes from the initial sound of the sirens in order to fire upon the officers

3.4- Active situations last for 7 minutes. [Also counts for gang members who are arrested]

3.5- Declaration’s on gang members only count for police in the area Example [Police officers/Civilians that are not in the active situation are to be declared on again and may not be KOS/RDMed]

3.6- Gang members may intervene with Gang members who are being arrested this does not mean that every police officer that is seen can be KOSed you must declare on anyone who is not apart of the situation.

3.7- If declared upon any Gang Member (Team Mate) that enters a safe zone the declaration is still valid regardless of whether they are in a safe zone or not.

3.8- Bank situations And Federal Reserve: When robbing a Bank or Federal Reserve you must Declare on the APD (POLICE) i.e “Gang Name is robbing Federal Bank located in Athira all cops in a 1.5km radius will be shot on sight” or if you have a hostage you would add “ also send a negotiator unarmed come alone we have a hostage”.

3.9- Declaring on anyone whether it'd be a officer, rival gang or civilian you must wear Gang tags e.g "(LRP)" is robbing federal reserve any cops within a 1km radius will be shot on sight or "(LRP)" is declaring upon cops that have "(LRP)" Jason in custody let him go or die!.

4.0- You must not return to a situation until the situation is resolved regardless of whether or not the NLR timer has finished.

4.1- Valid Declarations, in order for a declaration to be valid you must state who is declaring e.g (LRP) who you are declaring upon e.g (POS) you must state a command or a reason for the declaration e.g (LRP) is declaring upon (POS) Put your hands up or DIE!. if they don't comply with your orders you can fire upon them but you must give them a reasonably amount of time to comply with your orders around 5-10 seconds at least.


4.2- You must wait at least 60 minutes after each Bank or Federal Reserve until you can continue to do another Federal Reserve Or Bank Heist this is to give the cops a break of the constant back and forth battle.

4.3 - Federal Reserve Requires 5 Cops and Athira Bank Requires 3 Cops.

4.4 - Only One Gang Can rob a Federal Reserve Or Bank at a time so NO gang merging and all Gang Members Must wear Gang Tags i.e "JPF | Jip" or "JPF | Kyle" etc.

Hostage Rules:

4.5 - If you have a hostage(s) you must contact the police (APD) and request a negotiator stating why you have hostages and what you expect in return for their safety i.e (JPS) has taken "Blank" Hostage we want 1 million dollars and a doughnut in return for the hostages safety we want one negotiator unarmed to meet us at Copper Mine if there we spot any other cops in the immediate area negotiations are off and the hostage will be killed along with the negotiator.

4.6 - In order for a kidnapping to be valid there must be at-least 4 cops online

4.7 - Negotiators can not be taken hostage.

4.8 - There can only be one hostage situation declared upon the police every hour.

4.9 - You cannot take any members of the Emergency Service hostage as they are neutral.

5.0 - Negotiators must value the hostages life otherwise they will be breaking FearRP or Value Of Life.

5.1 - All negotiations must be done face to face otherwise it will not be valid.

Chop Shop Rules:

5.2 - If you are taking someone's car to the Chop Shop you must ransom it back to them for no more than half the vehicles purchase value i.e Mohawk's Cost $700,000 you will request $400,000.

Rebel Gangs:

5.3 - Gang members must not Merge gangs under any circumstances they can allies against other gangs but must declare separately.

5.4 - As stated in rule 4.4 Only one gang can rob a Federal Reserve, Bank or Gas Stations at a time meaning No Gang Merging and all gang members must wear their appropriate tags to identify which gang they are involved in i.e JFP same goes if you are taking over police checkpoints.

Martial Law:

5.5 - If S.O.G. Could not be deployed due to the high threat situation Martial Law will be called under certain circumstances City Take Overs, Terrorist Attacks, Federal Reserve and Athira Bank.

5.6 - When Martial Law is called high ranking officers of Polair will gain access to armed Helicopters and HMG Hunters.

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