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Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:08 pm

Below is what our Admin's and Moderators Use Please Tell us if anything concerns you and you want it changed please let us know.

Admin Menu:
'Teleport On Map Click','Teleport - Target To Me','Teleport - Me To Target','Teleport In Facing Direction (10m steps)',
'spectating','AdminConsole','Delete Vehicle','EjectTarget','ToggleVehLock','ShowGear',
'HealSelf','AdminStart','AdminLog','Freeze Target','UnFreeze Target',
'==== Loadouts ====','==== WeatherLord ====','==== Base Deleter ====','==== VirtualItems ====',
'==== Weapons ====','==== Magazines ====','==== Bags ====','==== Vehicles ====','==== Objects ====','==== AltisLife Money ====',
'Remove Gear','Revive','Heal','Restore','Move In My Vehicle','Move In Target Vehicle','Parachute Target',Eject','Eject Crew','Force Disconnect','Kick (Silent)','Kick (Announce)','Ban (Silent)','Ban (Announce)','Fake Epoch group to nearest PlotPole','PlotPole Marker','Stealth / Invisible', 'Disable Announces','Show FPS','Give All Licenses','Call EMP','Mass Message','DayTime','NightTime','Add / Remove Crypto',
'Spawn Epoch-Box','Spawn Support-Box1','Spawn Support-Box2','Spawn Support-Box3',
'Spawn Ammo','showinfo','Login as Arma Admin','Request Steam Name','Dump unique client variables','Restrain','Unrestrain'

'Teleport - Target To Me','Teleport - Me To Target',
'AdminConsole','Delete Vehicle','ShowGear',
'HealSelf','HealRepairNear','AdminStart','AdminLog','Freeze Target','UnFreeze Target', '==== WeatherLord ====','==== Base Deleter ====','==== VirtualItems ====','==== Magazines ====','==== Bags ====','==== AltisLife Money ====','Revive','Heal','Restore','Force Disconnect', 'Kick (Silent)','Kick (Announce)','Stealth / Invisible','Show FPS','Mass Message','DayTime','NightTime','showinfo', 'Request Steam Name'
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