Divine Life Laws
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Vehicle Laws

Road Rules:
  • You must drive on the left side of the road at all times.
  • You must park on the left side of the road.
  • The speed limit in the Cities is 60 km/h and outside the City areas is 110 km/h.
  • If an hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching you must pull over to the left side of the road and allow it to pass.

Vehicle Rules:
  • Vehicles that are abandoned, broken, damage or left unattended for long periods of time can be impounded.
  • Vehicles not reasonably parked on the side of the road or in parking lots can be impounded.
  • Vehicles left in the middle of the road will be impounded.

Aircraft Laws:
  • Helicopters must land in designated landing zones (LZ) this includes EMS landing zones for EMS and APD landing zones for Officers.
  • Helicopters and Other Aircraft must maintain an altitude of 200 meters when above the City limits.
  • Civilian Helicopters must not hover over any City as this will cause a disturbance to Officers and other Civilians.
  • Aircraft are not permitted to land on public roads without an emergency issue or authorization.
Vehicle Searches

Vehicles Searches are permitted in the following situations:
  • A vehicle is passing through a checkpoint can be searched at any time.
  • A vehicle matching a description of a vehicle that has recently been spotted leaving an illegal area can be searched.
  • Vehicles spotted that where recently involved in an crime can be searched.
Illegal Items:
  • Marijuana and Marijuana leaf
  • Cocaine and Coca Leaf
  • Heroin and Opium Poppy
  • Uranium and Unrefined Uranium
  • Counterfeit Cash
  • Blasting Charge
  • Bolt Cutter
  • Defuse Kit
  • Lock Pick
  • Code Cracker
  • Turtle Raw
Illegal Firearms
  • All weapons not purchased from a verified distributor is deemed illegal.
  • All weapons purchased without a Firearms license is deemed illegal.
Legal Firearms
  • Rook 9mm
  • PM 9mm
  • Zubar .45 ACP
  • Protector 9mm
  • PDW 9mm
You must still own a Firearms license to carry the above aforementioned weaponry.

Illegal Wearable's
  • Any protective items such as Vests and Helmets are deemed illegal.
  • Suicide Vests are Illegal (common sense).
  • Rebel Clothing is not illegal clothing is not illegal though Masks, Shemags and as mentioned before helmets are illegal
Illegal Vehicles
  • All vehicles not purchased from a Civilian Vendor, Civilian vendors include Carl's Automotive, Tylers Truck centre and any Civilian air shop is deemed an illegal vehicle.
  • All armoured vehicles are illegal if they are not police vehicles.
Police Raids in Illegal areas
  • Police may raid illegal areas if there is people doing illegal jobs or if they are in illegal areas.
  • Police can restrain Civilians in Raids for there safety and safety of people around them.
  • Police may only call for backup if the situation has gone south.
  • After the area has been secured and raided police must leave the area.
  • Lethal force must only be used if the situation has fallen under the use of lethal force protocol.
House Raiding
  • Police officers can raid you house if you are caught doing an illegal activity or wanted for a major crime
  • Police must not raid the house unless they have authority from the Police cabinet members (Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.
  • Police can confiscate illegal weapons items and other illegal miscellaneous goods.
  • A Police officer can restrain you if you are in the raid for yours and their safety.
All players must abide by these laws or suffer the in game consequences as we have mentioned above relative to their situation or scenario.

DISCLAIMER: All rules are subject to change so please do your due diligence to check back here once in a while.

Thank you all for reading

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