APD|Cprl. Kristian Davis Detective Application

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Kristian Davis
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Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:36 am

APD|Cprl. Kristian Davis

Steam ID64: 76561198079338601

What is your current rank: Corporal,

Are you in more than 2 divisions: No I’m not in any divisions,

Are you able to go undercover and risk your life to gain intel and go on undercover missions?: More than capable to blend in with civilian and gather valuable intel,

Are you willing to role play to the best of your abilities?: I’m experienced and capable to role play to the best of my abilities,

What is your reasoning in applying for detective?: There is a lack of detectives and I would like to have more roles within the the Police Force.

Do you have the ability to act casual and not be so noticeable when approached by gangs?: I’m confident and very laid back so I can blend in as a civilian,
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