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DivineLife Mod Installtion Guide:

Before Joining DivineGaming Altis Life you must download the current available mods which can be found on the link below:
Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Log into the workshop with the above provided link ensure that you are using the correct steam account in which you play Arma 3 on.

Step 2: Once logged in select Subscribe to all as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Once you have subscribed to all workshop items the download process should start.

Step 4: Open your Arma 3 Launcher, the mods should be downloaded ( They are not that big).

Step 5: Once you have downloaded the required mods for DivineGaming you can locate your mod section on the launcher first you would need to select the mods that you have downloaded and create a PRESET this will be a button located on the top right of the mod section menu give it a name "Divine Life Mods" or something along those lines and hit ENTER on you keyboard view the images below for a better understanding.


Step 6: Join the DivineGaming Server and have fun.

Credit Goes to Koba for the suggestion and Guide.
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