Additions to cops rules and other little things.

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Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:56 am

1. Fix this 5.2 - If you are taking someone's car to the Chop Shop you must ransom it back to them for no more than half the vehicles purchase value i.e Mohawk's Cost $700,000 you will request $400,000. Half of 700,000 is not 400,000.
2. A rebel points a gun at the direction of a cop or fellow cop for 3 seconds should be shot with what ever gun is out and in range.
3. Cop remove spike strip limits due to once a car runs over it you cannot place another.
4. Rebel vics should be scraped (Destroyed not impounded)
5. A division for security of bank, fed, ADC.
6. Placing a car in impound all inv and t menu should be deleted.
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