Change Log Version #1.5

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Map Edits
  • Fixed Athira police department floating models
  • New and revamped Kavala Market Square
  • Dynamic Construction Site in Kavala will be built and added on to with each update
  • Moved Gun Stores to some major cities
  • Modified Kavala Police Checkpoint
Newly Added Scripts
  • Added Seatbelt Script so when you use you scroll wheel while in a vehicle you can equip you seatbelt to take less damage when crashing
  • Added Speed Cameras that will now ticket you when you are speeding
  • Added Convoys where rebels can participate to get Weapons and Gold
  • Added Convoys that Police and Rebels can participate in, this includes "Counter Fit Cash"
  • Cops can confiscate Counterfeit cash at police departments for money
Price Repairs
  • Weapon Shop Prices have been fixed
  • Vehicle price for Huron has been fixed
  • Mohawk texture is fixed for Civilians so they have a non camo texture
  • EMS Ranks Have Been Added Along with the respective clothing
Thank you for reading change logs for v1.5
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